Arnos Plan Hanging Systems

This is an innovation filing system for plans and graphic.  The system offers the space-saving economy of vertical filing combined with ease and flexibility of a loose-leaf system.  Almost any hard-to file material (that was previously either stored flat, folded, rolled into tubes or fitted with a special edging strip) can now be filed quickly, systematically and securely in a plan friction binder. Each binder forms a complete file for up to 120 drawings 

Suspension tapes

Our suspension tape is made for various sizes of plan. It is very durable in presspahn and polyester that meet international standard.  All percut lengths are available in 594mm (A1), 841(A0), lengths to order. Other punchings are available to suit all commercial vertical filing system. 

Plan Filing Cabinets

For space saving, securities, systematic filing and ease pick up. Our plan file cabinets can meet all your needs. We import European systems and also manufacture cabinets specially on customer's order difference size and colors

Graphitheque Filing Cabinets

Graphitheque is an excellent, strongly built and very durable filing system directly imported from France 

Uchida Plan Map Master

Uchida Yoko Co Ltd offers full range of office furniture for creating ideal work environment . It's ecological and durable products are for modern society. Think about Japanese craftsmanship and engineering, plan map master is a good choice for plan filing