Plan Map Master


There's no better way to keep your precious drawings, plan maps and layouts etc. in order than with UCHIDA Plan Map Master. The risks of tearing , wrinkling and soiling disappear when important papers are neatly hung and out of harms way. Select the size and style to suit your needs. 


Model A0-6     6 rail set              Size : 1428(H) x 432(W) x 740(D)mm

Model A1-6     6 rail set              Size : 1175(H) x 665(W) x 455(D)mm

Model A1-12 12 rail set              Size : 1130(H) x 707(W) x 610(D)mm

Model A2-6     6 rail set              Size :   960(H) x 490(W) x 420(D)mm


Hanger Rails


A0 Length : 919mm Clamp : 858mm

A1 Length : 670mm Clamp : 609mm